Is there in Genoa at the museum of treasure of San Lorenzo Cathedral the Holy Grail?! What I was told about made me curious, so a Saturday morning I decided to go to the majestic Cathedral of San Lorenzo to find out the mistery.

Tour of Genoa, Italy

Arriving there, through San Lorenzo street I was immediately captured by the black and white stones of the Cathedral facade and by the lions on the steps. Then, entering inside the church I saw wonderful frescoes as the Last Judgment, a small chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and in a corner the unexploded bomb that during the Second World War broke through the roof.

The bomb in San Lorenzo Cathedral

Through the silence of the church, then, I went into the room where there is one of the most precious treasures of the city. “Here it is!” I cried when I entered. There, in front of me was the dish that was thought to be the one used by Jesus Christ during the last supper. the basin has an hexagonal form and it is bright green.
The suggestion was notable among the darkness that hides the walls and the light that floods the findings

The basine was found by the genovese during the First Crusade and taken to Genoa. During the french invasion of Napoleone Bonaparte the dish was brought to Paris and then returned to Genoa broken into 10 pieces. During its restoration, It was discovered that one piece was missing.

Genoa San Lorenzo Cathedral

There are many mysteries concerning the Sacred Basin: Is it really the dish in which Jesus Christ ate during the last supper? What happened to the missing piece? How, who and why it broke? One thing is certain, this object is testament to the centuries of Genoa glory.

There are other findings inside the church, as the pot in which it was granted John the Baptist’s head, beheaded by Herod. The pot is beautiful, its colour is blue and when it is crossed by the light turns red! On the plate an inscription in latin says “Joannes Baptiste inter natos mulierum non surrexit maior”(the translation is “the greatest among those born from women). Nowadays John the Baptiste is the city patron and every year, the 24 of june, he is celebrated.

Little curiosity

On the Cathedral faced it is sculpted a small dog. The urban legend says that one of the church sculptors at that time, lost his dog to which was very attached and to remember it, he carved his pet.

That’s all with the first part. I’ll be back soon with the second part, in the meanwhile, have a look at the video: Cattedrale di San Lorenzo – Genova

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