Imagine the blue of the sea in a frame made of emerald green olives

I love the olives,a slightly fruity and delicate taste and that’s the reason I decided to go to a farm in Imperia, to visit and see how they produced the Ligurian olive oil. I must say, it was a real nice experience!

It was a Sunday morning when we drove from my home in Genoa to Imperia to get in that farm. The first thing that appeared to my eyes from the distance was, the blue sea and all around the olives’ trees. When we arrived at the farm, the owners welcomed us graciously. After, they showed us their products and how they made the Ligurian’s olive oil. We saw in action a large granite millstones that slowly was grinding up the olives. Those guys told us, that once the granite millstones was operated with the force of’ water, and now it works mechanically. Then, in a big recipient we saw the final product, the olive oil. Later, they invited us to taste different specialties made with their oil. Their specialties were so good, delicious, and of a delicate taste with a touch of their olives’ oil spread on them.

You know, today, this elixir of long life got D.O.P. designation: the first and only region in Europe which have obtained it due to its aroma.

Ligurian’s focaccia

Maybe some of you already know the focaccia Genovese (in the local dialect “Fugassa”), a deliciousness that can not be waived, it is consumed at any time of the day! Its scent captures you! You can not resist to its aroma and consequently you go in a focacceria (like a bakery) to get the goodies (I must confess that it happens so many times to me). You can find focaccerie wandering through the narrow streets of the Ligurians Riviera villages or in Genoa city.

Focaccia is golden and crispy, greasy and high up to a finger, its goodness derivate from the slow rise and in the ligurian olive oil and for this it obtained a recognition from Slow food

I believe this story is somewhat funny: at the end of 1500, focaccia was used in church for the blessings, marriages and funeral functions. This dish was so delicious that the bishop threatened excommunication if they didn’t stop eating “fugassa” in churches.

Imagine how can you indulge in such condiments as: onions, olives, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, a real goodness of simpleness and genuineness. Also, you do have to taste the focaccia with cheese of Recco and just the taste of it and you’ ll understand its deliciousness.

Ligurian’s farinata

This one is the oldest traditional ligurian dishes (this recipe is 2000 years old), and it was founded in Roman times. The soldiers to eat quickly and cheaply, they prepared a mix of chickpea flour and water which was cooked on the sunrays reflected from their shields (today, it is cooked on big copper pans). An important thing to be remembered for this speciality is that it must be eaten fresh from the oven and if you enjoy the one with onions, you’ll be surprised!

Made you hungry! Have a look at our food experiences in the Italian Riviera and be inspired for your next trip!

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