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This week-long exploration of Liguria’s key destinations will see you immerse yourself in GENUINE local culture, art, nature and, of course, food and wine. The destination of Genoa will charm you with its contrasts, from noble palaces to medieval alleyways, whilst the beauty and elegance of the villages of Portofino, San Fruttuoso and Camogli will amaze you. And of course the Cinque Terre, with its colourful little towns, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea will astonish you!
Be ready to meet local producers, taste traditional Italian cuisine and experience untouched places included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list! This is a special gourmet trip that starts from the Langhe, the famous wine area where Barolo is made, reaching Portofino and the picturesque Cinque Terre villages on the Italian Riviera.
Live a memorable experience discovering the history, romance, breathtaking scenery and culinary culture of the Italian Riviera and Lake Como. This is a very special trip where you'll explore Portofino, Camogli, Genoa’s old town, the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, then adventuring on to Bellagio and Varenna. You'll meet local producers, have lunch in a Michelin restaurant and much, much more!
Treat yourselves with a unique trip that combines some of the most iconic Italian landscapes: clusters of coloured houses overlooking the sea in the Cinque Terre, Portofino and San Fruttuoso and the rolling hills dotted with cypress trees in Tuscany. Following the indications of our insiders, you’ll meet local people, taste great wines and foods and learn to prepare local recipes. At the same time, you’ll make it active, discovering amazing hiking trails and exclusive boat tours.
This amazing culinary trip will take you to Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna, allowing you to discover the culture of three different Italian regions - through their food. By moving just a few kilometres, you will discover radically different ingredients and culinary traditions, all the while immersed in breathtaking landscapes. Connect with local people and travel off the beaten path to get in touch with Italy’s most authentic side.
Are you ready to leave the modern world behind you and immerse yourself in the unique and picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre? Wonderful, but don’t just stop there, there is so much more waiting to be discovered. Get ready to explore the wonderful hamlet of Portovenere and the jagged coast of the Gulf of Poets, as well as the gorgeously authentic village of Framura!
A trip built around great food and wine, that will let you discover the most authentic side of the Italian Riviera. By following our insider tips, you will learn the secrets of local recipes, visit amazing vineyards, meet local producers and visit historical food markets and traditional shops.
This trip allows you to dip into the timeless culture of two of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Venice and Florence. Discover the charming essence of these two timeless cities, by strolling through the ancient streets of their historical centres, enjoying the breathtaking views and experiencing their more authentic side.


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Firsthand knowledge

We arelocalsandhave unsurpassed knowledge and personal experience of the destinations we propose.We are deeply passionate about our territories and have a large network of trusted localpartners, weselect and know each one.We personally experienceallour services, which is an amazing part of ourjob. We handpick boutique accommodations and choose the best for our customers in terms ofhospitality and authenticity.

Sustainability comes first

We value and support our local connections.Over the years we have created a trusted network of local partners that excel at what they do,in orderto be able to offer you the most authentic and high-classexperiences. They are the windows throughwhich you can glance into our Italian roots, ancient traditions, and core beliefs: that’s why we arecommitted toenhancingtheir efforts to preserve our cultural identity, focusing on excellence andexclusiveness.

Uncompromised quality

Even the smallest detail can make a huge difference–andwe know it. For this reason, we like to payclose and dedicated attention to every single aspect of your holidays. We strive to offer you the mostupscale services possible, and we only rely on exceptional and experienced local partners.All our experiences are handcraftedand can be enriched with our personalized tips from local experts.

Unforgettable experiences

Traveling is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the extraordinary moments and memoriesthat unfold along the way.Our aim is totake our guestsoff the beaten path andprovideincomparableaccess to the people, places and things that makeourdestinationscome alive.We want our guests toexplore the hidden gems that may not be found in guidebooks.

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