This morning I was in Piazza Matteotti in Genova and found in front of Palazzo Ducale two big stuffed animals, fuchsia colored, holding a gun. The two giant stuffed animals were pointing the guns against each other and they had a pig face. I was intrigued by this contemporary art. At the same time these two stuffed animals, more than three meters high (about 9.84 feet), had quite a disturbing aspect.

After a brief research I found what was the significance of this exhibition!

Exhibition Genova

The exhibition name is “Napoleon vs Napoleon” by the artist Luca Lomazzo, who won a competition dedicated to young artists. The two big pigs represent two human beings, two dictators facing each other to protect the power. As the artist said, they remember the main character of the allegorical novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

The two sculptures represent the human violence and the ongoing fight among human beings for the supremacy. A situation which has brought the different civilizations to evolve against each other also by using arms.

Exhibition Genova

Many people, tourists and residents, stopped to observe the sculptures. Comments were different: some of them were shocked, some intrigued, some looked at the sculptures with indifference, some took ‘funny’ pictures, etc…

What about you? Have you ever seen any kind of exhibition that have struck you in some way?

Exhibition Genova

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