Are you planning a trip to the Italian Riviera and wondering when the best time to visit Cinque Terre is?

Here are some travel tips on the ideal seasons depending on your interests.

Cinque Terre landscape

Spring and Autumn

If you want to hike in Cinque Terre, then spring and autumn are the recommended seasons because of the ideal weather with mild temperatures.

Between early April and mid-June, and later between mid-September and early November, the sea conditions are usually good: this means that you can also hop on and off different villages with the ferry or book a private boat tour.

You might also be able to swim in the sea, especially in October.

Cinque Terre spring

But there is a catch: these seasons are also very popular, so you will find lots of tourists around, whether it is at restaurants, bars, hiking trails and other attractions.

If you are looking for a more tranquil situation, then the best periods within spring and autumn are early April and late October. You will find no queues!


Do you love winter or the romantic feel that this season offers?

Then the months between November and March might be just right for you.

The Cinque Terre offer a magical atmosphere in this period of the year, when there are virtually no tourists, and when nature and the locals reclaim their territory.

Cinque Terre winter

Except for some rainy days, the winter weather is pleasant and allows you to go hiking, especially if you go with a local insider who knows the best and hidden trails.

The downside of visiting Cinque Terre in winter is that you find few open shops, bars and restaurants, as most close for the season.


And now you must be wondering about visiting Cinque Terre in summer.

July and August are peak season, when the five villages are packed with visitors. Hiking is a definite no-no during these months, unless you are very fit and go very early in the morning.

Cinque Terre summer

For more tips on this, see “Hiking in Cinque Terre: all you need to know”.

But if you love sailing, tanning and swimming in the sea, then this is the perfect season for boat tours that allow you to do just that, away from the crowds. For more on this topic, read “All you need to know about Boat Trips in Cinque Terre”.

Any time of the year

If you are foodie traveling to Cinque Terre mainly to taste local dishes and learn about the cuisine of the Italian Riviera, then you can travel in any time of the year.

You will find fresh seasonal products, you can join cooking lessons with local chefs, and don’t miss the chance to taste wine in unique wineries with heroic vineyards.

Some more advice

If you want to visit Cinque Terre but can only travel in the times that are not recommended or do not seem “ideal”, don’t worry!

Contact the team at BeautifuLiguria with the form below.

Our expert insiders can suggest the best activities and itineraries for you to make the most out of your visit, whether it is away from mass tourism or during the quaint winter months.

In the meantime check our trips and experiences lovingly crafted by real locals. We love the territory where we live and have selected for you the best of the best.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you to plan the perfect trip for you


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