Our Travel Philosophy

Thanks to our extensive personal knowledge of the area – and also to our precious local connections and partnerships – you’ll have the chance to live once-in-a-lifetime and top-end Experiences that will get you deep under the skin of Liguria and Northern Italy, away from tourists-traps and crowds. 

Cookie cutter tours are not our thing: we firmly believe that part of the transformational power of travel lies in living experiences that very few people can. That’s why we ONLY create luxury tailored journeys for discerning travelers: we value every moment of your getaway and, as your dedicated travel experts, we’ll look after your trip from the very first call to your return home.

Who We Are

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Anna and Emanuela, two impassioned Italian entrepreneurs on a mission to reveal the true essence of North Italy.

Everything began in 2014 when we founded BeautifuLiguria.

Our goal wasn’t to build another ordinary travel agency, the world’s already full of those. We wanted to create something that could stand out with style and class, giving you the chance to explore Northern Italy in a brand new and more authentic way.

We have started delving deep into the remote corners of the Italian Riviera and then into all North Italy, uncovering precious hidden gems away from the crowds and building incredible partnerships with local independent entrepreneurs and craftsmen, in order to give you the chance to discover their land in the most immersive and authentic way possible.

Today, we are the proud owners of a boutique travel company with a human touch: our team of selected and skillful experts constantly supports us in the creation of the Trips and Experiences of your dreams. The passion, expertise and knowledge we all put into our work is BeautifuLiguria signature.

How we work


Everything will be arranged to suit your specific needs: from exclusive accommodations with unmatched service and character to one-of-a-kind experiences to enrich your journey, from shopping tips to recommendations about where to find the finest gourmet products out there, from private transfers to logistical details. We fully customize every itinerary of each trip, in order to give you exactly what you’re looking for: the holiday of your dreams, a journey that looks just like you. 


On your trip you’ll discover more than just monuments and museums. You’ll have the chance to explore lively markets, authentic towns and live the real soul of the destinations where we live. You will also meet incredible craftsmen that are striving to keep ancient traditions alive, you’ll taste the most exquisite food and wine while gazing into lush sceneries and you’ll discover precious hidden gems beyond the already seen.

We believe that slow travel is the best way to really get to know the true essence of a country. Take the time to connect with local people, their culture, traditions, food, and history, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the present moment like never before. That’s what BeautifuLiguria aims to offer you: the chance to embrace a more authentic and deeper way of traveling, away from cookie cutter tours and tourist traps.

Are you ready to leave?

That’s awesome! Tell us what you wish and we’ll make your dreams come true.