Cinque Terre villages and vineyards

Cinque Terre villages and vineyards

Discover the Cinque Terre villages; meet a local winegrower and taste the unique Cinque Terre wine. Private tour.

Accompanied by your private guide you will visit the picturesque fishing villages, wander among the tiny squares and side alleys and enjoy postcard panoramas. Today you will experience the authentic side of Cinque Terre! Whether you love wine or not, you have to know that Cinque Terre exist thanks to the huge job done in past times to create the unique terraced vineyards that shape this exceptional landscape. That’s why visiting these amazing vineyards overlooking the sea means understanding the real soul of the Cinque Terre. And today a well-known local producer will welcome you in his vineyard and tell you the story behind his heroic wine. After admiring a breathtaking panorama you will visit the ancient cellar and taste the most typical Cinque Terre wines with traditional appetizers.

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