Hamlets and tastes of the West Riviera

Hamlets and tastes of the West Riviera

Discover the ancient village of Finalborgo, meet a slow food producer; taste Chinotto. Private tour.

On the West side of Liguria, you will discover one of the best preserved hidden gems, the Medieval village of Finalborgo. Accompanied by your private guide, you will take a stroll along the picturesque alleyways of Finalborgo. Admire the painted facades and sit in a nice café in the lively square of this lovely village remained untouched through centuries. Close to the village (15 minutes walking distance) you will visit a Chinotto (citrus) plantation: you’ll discover one of the most rare and precious citrus found in nature, the Chinotto, a bitter orange that grows just in this area of the Italian Riviera and has a long history. It is under the wings of the Slow Food Presidia and few producers in the area transform it in delicious jam, candied and liquors, following ancient recipes. The producer Roberto will show you his citrus grove, garden and you’ll hear about his family story and taste his products made in his small laboratory thanks to the expert hands of his wife.

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