Cinque Terre Hiking Gourmet

This trip is a unique Cinque Terre experience that will combine the best hiking trails with great food and wine. You will discover off the beaten path itineraries with great panoramas and just a few people; you will enjoy gourmet stops, Cinque Terre “heroic” wines and even learn to prepare traditional recipes.


Why choose this trip

A private trip put together for active people who want to experience the stunning landscapes of Cinque Terre and its surroundings, but without forgetting the gourmet part of their holiday to Italy – all in a slower and more authentic way.



Welcome to Cinque Terre!

Today is your arrival day. Benvenuto. Relax and start soaking up the Italian atmosphere!

We will lovingly choose one of our favourite boutique hotels for you. We want you to be able to discover for yourself all of the charm of the Ligurian villages, combined with a lively and still authentic atmosphere.



Hiking trail from Manarola to Corniglia

This area is one of the greatest hiking paths in Italy! Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and incredible untouched nature surrounds you during your hike from one village to another. You’ll hike with your private guide, relaxing and enjoying the view that mother nature offers! You will reach Volastra and then Corniglia where you will relax, enjoying  a special lunch with a truly breathtaking panorama.



A food and wine trail: don’t miss the hidden and authentic side of Cinque Terre

Together with your tour guide you will set out for a sustainable tourism experience discovering the hidden side of the Cinque Terre, far away from the crowds. Breathe in the quiet rural atmosphere, just a 10-minute train ride from Monterosso. You’ll discover the beautiful village of Framura, nestled up on a hill that slopes down towards the sea.

Departing from the top of the village, taking in the magnificent panorama, you’ll take the easy paved path which winds through colorful houses, vineyards, and gardens until it reaches the picturesque tiny port. Along the way you’ll meet small, local family-owned businesses and enjoy gourmet stops with local specialties and wine tastings! You will learn about the heroic Cinque Terre wines are made and support the hard work of their local producers.



Hike between the sea and the sky, from Campiglia to Portovenere, far from the crowds

With your private tour guide, you’ll have a spectacular half day hiking, breathing the authentic soul of this area. You’ll start from Campiglia, a village which seems like a balcony hanging over the famous cultivated terraces and the sea. There are just a few houses and on one side there is the view of the Cinque Terre coast and on the other the Gulf of La Spezia – how could your morning hike view be better? 

Breathtaking views, uncontaminated nature and stunning wildlife will accompany you all the way to Portovenere village where you will be able to admire the rocky cliffs that dominate the village, on which the medieval church of San Pietro is perched!



Cooking lesson with a view in the Cinque Terre

Today you’ll get in touch with the real soul of Cinque Terre, through its flavours! You’ll be welcomed to a lovely location just above Monterosso village. Here you will have a cooking lesson where you will learn the secrets of traditional Ligurian recipes, based on fresh, local ingredients. For example, you will explore hand-made pasta with traditional pesto, typical focaccia, vegetable pies and the preparation of local fish. After the lesson you will be able to enjoy the four-course meal you will have prepared in this stunning location, in a relaxed atmosphere where you will be made to feel like one of the family.



Arrivederci Day!


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