Italian Riviera culinary tour

A trip built around great food and wine, that will let you discover the most authentic side of the Italian Riviera. By following our insider tips, you will learn the secrets of local recipes, visit amazing vineyards, meet local producers and visit historical food markets and traditional shops.


Why choose this trip

This is a trip created for those who believe that food can unveil the most authentic side of a territory, revealing genuine local culinary traditions, at the same time you will meet local people and producers, have fun and discover the best of the Italian Riviera.



Welcome to Liguria!

Today is your arrival day. Benvenuto! 

We will lovingly choose one of our favourite boutique hotels for you, far from the crowds, with great service and in a convenient position. We want you to be able to discover for yourself all of the charm of the Ligurian villages, combined with a lively and still authentic atmosphere.

Ready for a full immersion in traditional local cuisine? You will start off by tasting local dishes in a typical Ligurian restaurant, the sort that the locals would choose to celebrate their special occasions.



Santa Margherita ligure and Camogli tasting tour

With your private tour guide, you’ll walk around the elegant coastal town of Santa Margherita Ligure with its painted facades and lush gardens. During the tour, you will have a special tasting of local specialties, such as the famous pesto sauce and typical vegetable quiches.

Then you’ll reach Camogli, one of the most picturesque villages on the Italian Riviera. Following the indications of your private guide, you will take a stroll around this beautiful village, from the spectacular promenade down to the picture postcard fishing harbour, discovering the oldest part of the village, the “island”, perched on a rock. Camogli is the home of Ligurian focaccia, so of course you will stop at the most famous bakery and taste different kinds of freshly baked focaccia: plain, with olives, and delicious cheese focaccia.



Genoa food tour and pesto class “a palazzo”, in a palace

A fascinating private walking tour through the medieval alleys, or carrugi, in Genoa’s historical centre, discovering the real essence of this ancient maritime town. Your culinary expert guide will lead you to food shops that have been open for more than a century such as the old “friggitorie” or fryers who serve friscieu (fried croquettes filled with herbs), farinata and fried fresh seafood, to be eaten at the counter or taken away. You will visit the prestigious pastry cafè where famous composer Giuseppe Verdi liked to spend his time tasting the wares and then the unique “Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano”, a 200-year-old sweetshop. During your visit, you’ll taste typical street food and of course the famous Genoese focaccia. Our local culinary experts will then welcome you to a private aristocratic palace you will have your pesto sauce lesson, preparing it just as the tradition requires, with mortar and pestle. After the pesto class, you will have lunch with typical Ligurian dishes.



Cinque Terre villages and lunch among the vineyards

Explore the Cinque Terre villages today with your private guide. Spend the morning visiting Vernazza and Manarola, two of the most iconic villages. At lunchtime, you will reach a gorgeous wine estate, nestled just above the village of Monterosso. It’s a true oasis of peace and tranquility surrounded by vineyards and olive trees and there you will enjoy a lunch with local specialties, paired with the excellent Cinque Terre wines produced there. Take your time to relax on the lawn, sipping a Limoncino prepared with the exact same lemons you will see all around you. After lunch, take a stroll through the narrow streets of the village of Monterosso until you reach the bright promenade and the Capuchin convent, from which you will enjoy a magnificent view of the bay.



Cooking class with a food writer

You will meet Valentina today, who has made a profession of following Ligurian culinary tradition, both as a writer and photographer of local cookbooks. You will learn from her directly, preparing some of the most famous Ligurian street food recipes. Valentina will welcome you to her cozy cottage with its magnificent view of the hills and the sea in the background.

Here everything revolves around the kitchen and you will breathe a very special atmosphere in the house, made from passion and competence. Making “focaccette” with cheese, then the Easter specialty pie that is the Torta Pasqualina, as well as the famous Farinata, a crispy savoury dish made with chickpea flour, you will discover all the secrets of these simple and delicious foods that have been handed down over the generations. In the end you will taste everything you have prepared together, accompanied by local wine, having a fantastic lunch in the garden.



Unrevealed villages of the Western Riviera

Today your private tour guide will take you to discover Noli village, a real pearl of the Ligurian coast. Noli has a long nautical history and was a Maritime Republic, and is still surrounded by the original walls. 

The historical centre has some very tall Medieval towers, but whilst it may look like Tuscany, you clearly are in a maritime location and the village overlooks a beautiful beach where fishermen pull up their typical wooden dinghies, called gozzi.

You will then move on to the charming village of Finalborgo, still protected by its ancient walls and dominated by two castles. Here you’ll discover one of the most rare and precious citrus fruits found in nature, the Chinotto, a bitter orange that grows only in this area of the Italian Riviera and has a long history.  The species is safeguarded by the Slow Food system, with a few producers in the area transforming it into delicious jam, candies and liqueurs, following traditional recipes. Producer Roberto will welcome you to his citrus grove where you’ll hear his family story and taste the chinotto based products made in his workshop, thanks to the loving and expert hands of his wife.




Arrivederci day. We hope that it was an amazing trip!

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