Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Liguria: The circle of flavors

This amazing culinary trip will take you to Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna, allowing you to discover the culture of three different Italian regions – through their food.

By moving just a few kilometres, you will discover radically different ingredients and culinary traditions, all the while immersed in breathtaking landscapes.

Connect with local people and travel off the beaten path to get in touch with Italy’s most authentic side.


Why choose this trip

This is an itinerary that will let you connect with local people and let you travel off the beaten path, getting in touch with Italy’s most authentic side.



Welcome to Piedmont Unesco hills

Today is your arrival day. Benvenuto! 

Prepare yourself for a tasting dinner that will immediately immerse you in the flavours of Piedmont.



Enjoy the Langhe hills and their food and wine. Learn local recipes

Today you’ll enjoy a panoramic tour in the Barbaresco wine area, taking in the UNIESCO World Heritage vineyard landscapes. During the tour, you will visit a well-known wine cellar in the Barbaresco area and do some wine-tasting; then you will meet a small producer of traditional cheese and enjoy lunching with the cheesemaker.

Later you’ll follow a local cookery course in a small, informal cooking school. You’ll prepare a traditional menu, discovering the very roots of our local food & wine culture, picking up some of the secrets behind the special flavours and ingredients from an expert cook, as well as finding magical ways of combining them to create the dishes of the Langhe and Roero – so you will always be able to take a part of our land back home!



Wlcome to Liguria! Live the “Dolce Vita” by boat in Camogli, San Fruttuoso and Portofino

With your private guide you will set out on an amazing tour of one of the best areas of the Italian Riviera, around the Portofino promontory. You will fall in love with the picture-perfect village of Camogli, with its rows of tall and colourful houses, all lined up along the beach and encircling the small port. Here you will stop to taste its famous Focaccia in one of our preferred places – you’ll never forget that special crispy and yet soft bread!

From Camogli you’ll head off on a panoramic trip by boat around the Portofino promontory with its lush vegetation and unusual rock formations which plunge into the deep blue water. You will moor in San Fruttuoso, a magical hidden bay with just a Medieval abbey built right on the tiny pebble beach – here you can even take a dip in the crystal-clear water or grab a cone of delicious fried fish!

Then back on board, heading for Portofino. As you arrive in Portofino you will have an amazing view of the village. Take a stroll in the famous piazzetta (small square), passing amongst the luxury yachts and glittering boutiques, so as to reach the castle and the beautiful church of St. George, perched on the rocks.



Fall under the spell of Genoa's authentic charm

Today your local insider will ensure that you discover Genoa’s extraordinary medieval historical centre, with its historical food and craft shops. Then you will be welcomed to a noble Renaissance palace, where our traditional food expert will teach you just how to prepare the famous pesto sauce, made in the traditional way with mortar and pestle. Finally, you will enjoy tasting the fruits of your labours, washed down with local wine.



Explore the picturesque Cinque Terre villages

You’ll have an authentic private experience, discovering this area and its people. Following our insiders’ tips, you will experience the authentic spirit of the five picturesque villages, beyond the reach of mass tourism. 

Moving around at your own pace and avoiding all the tourist traps, you will visit Vernazza with its tiny harbour, walk through the famous terraced gardens in Manarola, discover the postcard-perfect marina in Riomaggiore, take a stroll through the narrow alleys of Monterosso and admire the breathtaking view from the village of Corniglia, perched up high. Your expert local guide will allow you to discover the best views and suggest the places that we love most to taste local specialties – perhaps a simple café with a breathtaking view or a fantastic restaurant at the foot of a medieval tower.



Towards Parma: explore the ancient town and enjoy a cooking experience with a chef

Parma is a beautiful and historical town, not to be missed. Starting from the beautiful Palazzo della Pilotta, where the fascinating Galleria Nazionale art museum is located – with, among others, a work by the great Leonardo da Vinci – you’ll continue visiting the city, taking in the beautiful cathedral of Parma and the Farnese theater, a unique example of rare beauty built entirely in wood.

You’ll meet your local chef in an amazing Italian villa just outside Parma city centre. Before getting your hands dirty, enjoy some finger-food with a glass of wine while chit-chatting with your hostess. You’ll prepare all the necessary ingredients, observe the cook at work, listen to her tips, and prepare two types of fresh pasta: tortelli d’erbetta, traditional pasta with a filling of ricotta cheese, spinach and Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as a must-try in Parma: tagliatelle with tomato and fresh basil! You will be hands-on for the entire cooking class, so listen to the cook’s secrets and have fun learning more about Parma’s cuisine. You will have dinner all together and taste what you have prepared earlier, matching the dishes with local wine.



Immerse yourself in the key flavours of Emilia Romagna: parmesan, ham and balsamic vinegar

Living day by day in Parma means developing a genuine appreciation for the magic enshrined in each little piece of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the sweetness of every thin Parma ham slice, the intensity of a single drop of balsamic vinegar when its scent explodes on top of a warm risotto. Let us guide you through the most complete food journey, discovering this region, where food becomes real art. Feel Parma’s purest vibes and enjoy the flavours and smells of its food like a real local.



Bologna: art, culture and food

Bologna’s nicknames are La Dotta (“the learned one”- for its famed university), La Grassa (“the fat one”- for it’s cuisine), and La Rossa (“the red one”- a reference to the red rooftops throughout the city). 

You’ll start your private tour in the main square of Bologna, surrounded by historic buildings including Palazzo d’Accursio and Palazzo del Podestà, with the famous vault, the Voltone. You’ll visit the Basilica of San Petronio, from whose panoramic terrace you can admire the roofs of Bologna Rossa. The day continues with a stop at the Archiginnasio, which once housed the University of Bologna, thanks to which the city received its learned nickname: find out what medicine they prepared in the backyard and who was the first “American” student of the University. 

Then your tour will take you through the Mercato di Mezzo market with its typical shops, so you can discover the true heart of Bologna Grassa. Take a delicious break in a typical grocery to taste some of the local cold cuts and cheeses. You’ll enjoy an excellent typical Bolognese lunch in a historical trattoria in the centre. A stop of course will be made in front of the famous symbols of Bologna – the two towers or Due Torri, one of which is the tallest medieval tower in the world and here you’ll find out what links the towers to the tagliatelle as well as tasting one of the most famous ice creams in the city if you like.



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