Cozze alla marinara – Mussels marinara

Clean and debeard the mussels, check to make sure their shells are tightly closed and discard mussels with cracked shells.

To remove the beard, grasp it and give a sharp yank out and toward the hinge end of the mussel. Then, scrub each mussel individually, trying to remove as much of the stringy bits clinging to outside as possible.

Put them into a large saucepan with some white wine, a garlic clove and a little oil. Cover and cook over a medium heat for about four minutes or until the mussels have opened, shaking the pan a couple of times. Remove any mussels that haven’t opened.

Then, heat the olive oil in a frying pan with garlic clove. Sautè until garlic is pale gold and then, add some parsley and pepper.

Finally, using a perforated spoon, transfer the mussels to a large warmed serving bowl or tureen, remembering to discard any that have not opened.

At this point, pour over the mussels the liquid prepared in the frying pan (garlic, olive oil, parsley and pepper) and mix eveything together.

Serve immediately and buon appetito!

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