The Isle which Floated Through the Mediterranean Sea – Bergeggi

The island of Bergeggi, is a wonderful natural reserve on the ligurian coast lined with cliffs and partly submerged grottoes. When I look at this small island I always think about its popular legend which says that the island floated through the Mediterranean Sea from the african coast!

The ancient legend, in fact, tells how the island of Bergeggi appeared in front of the Ligurian coast! it is said that in 7th century two African bishops tried to escape from the Vandals. One night they broke their chains, opened the doors and finally went out from the city.

Near the coast there was a little boat and with it they wandered to a rock. Then, they decided to go on the rock, which was illuminated by a strange light, and suddenly the rock moved.

The journey was so long. In fact, they went beyond Sicily, the Tyrrhenian sea and finally arrived in the Ligurian Gulf where the rock, at some point, stopped. They found again the little boat near the rock and with it they arrived on the Liguria coast. From that day, they always preached the faith in God.

But every night, they came ack to their rock isle, called Bergeggi, that from now never moved, and at the end of 10th century, here was built an abbey dedicated to one of these two bishops, St. Eugenio.

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