In Memory of the War Heroes – Savona

What an unexpected and unique tradition in Savona! If you are crossing square “Piazza Mameli” in Savona town and it is 6 pm, then stop right there in the square and listen to the bell chimes 21 times.

In fact, during the bells stroke everybody is expected to stop and remember all those people who died in the War World I. In the town square there’s a monument dedicated to our heroes who died in the war.

When I first discovered this tradition I was with a friend of mine, who’s town of birth is Savona. He told me that this event occurs everyday, since 80 years.

That day, everybody, walking people, car drivers, bike riders, kids and olders fell silent and stopped few minutes in memory of the War Heroes. I was moved and during those minutes I remembered of those war stories told to me when I was young by my grandfather who fought in the War World II.

Rest in peace all you brave men of both world wars.

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