Spring, Time of Rebirth in Liguria

[nggallery id=29]It’s spring again! Impossible don’t notice it. Colors, perfumes are all around us. As temperatures rise and the trees and flowers bloom.

Liguria, as the other italian countryside, is just gorgeous and so vibrant with all the colors. Most houses have at least a couple window boxes full of  flowers. Streets have a new dress and are adorned with flowers.

Italians love flowers, you can notice it while wandering through the Italian Riviera villages. People love to walk on the promenades with tree lined benches overlooking the ligurian coast and relax on the beaches.

Springtime is a rebirth and in Italy is a real “feel and smell” season. In Liguria, during this season basil plants reach their best and you can smell its aroma also eating a good dish of pasta with genoese pesto.
Liguria, lying along the Italian Riviera, is famous as the home of basil pesto, but its cuisine is also famous for its herbs and green vegetables which are used as ingredients for lovely springtime dishes, such as “trenette with pesto”, “artichokes pie”, “easter pie” and more.

Then, during this season Festivals begin. From food and wine to celebrating saints, springs brings to much to celebrate.  Here following are some events to enjoy: In April, the town of Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino get together to present “Cartoons on the Bay”, the International Television and Multimedia Animation Festival.

In early May Liguria’s capital, the port city of Genoa, holds what the Slow Fish Event, a celebration of the seas. There is a traditional fish auction, demonstrations on how to cook fish and seafood, and lots to eat.

Each year in May, in the coastal town of Camogli is held the “Sagra del Pesce” (Fish Festival) to celebrate the feast of Saint Fortunato the patron Saint of fishermen. A unique feature is the giant frying pans (about 12 feet or 4 meters in diameter) that cook fresh fish in the open on the last day of the festival. Everyone, and we’re talking about thirty thousand participants, gets free fried fish.

With breathtaking sceneries, world-famous gastronomy and friendly people, there’s never bad time to go to Italy, but I think some places in Liguria and in Italy are especially nice to visit in the Spring Time.

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