Torta dei Fieschi – Celebrating a Wedding held in 1230!

[nggallery id=13]On 14th August, the village of Lavagna on the Italian Riviera comes to life with dance and music commemorating the event of the “Torta dei Fieschi” (the Fieschi’s cake), where according to the legend, on Count Opizzo Fieschi and Bianca de Bianchi’s wedding day in 1230, he invited his guests—and everyone else in town—to share a cake that was more than 30 feet high.

The citizens of Lavagna haven’t forgotten Fieschi’s generosity, so each year they celbrate the event dressing in custumes and parade to the town. The feast ends with a gigantic cake located in the middle of the square “Piazza Vittorio Veneto”. The cake offered, nowadays, weighs about 1500 kilos!

The traditional cake is offered only to those who, in possession of a ticket, find his or her soul mate (anima gemella) in possession of the matching ticket. The aim is to find the person of the opposite sex with an identical ticket so you can romantically receive your slice of Fieschi cake together.

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