White Cuisine Vs Green Pesto

[nggallery id=10]The Italian Riviera is famous worldwide for its pesto sauce. Pesto is the second most known sauce in the world after tomato sauce. But Liguria is not only pesto.

There’s a valley, called the Arroscia Valley, known for its white cuisine. This valley is towards the mountains and where the Mediterranean influences becomes less accentuated.

I was in this part of Liguria some days ago, exactly in Mendatica village for the “transumanza” event ( literally “transhumance” is the traditional twice yearly migration of sheep and goats from the highlands to the lowlands, and vice versa). During the event I had the possibility to taste the typical products of this part of Liguria.

The flavor of the products of the white cuisine captured me immediately! I was surprised how simple it was to eat great dishes made with simple and poor ingredients. In fact, this cuisine is made of pasta, potatoes, bruss – a cream chese made of sheep milk, beans, corgette flowers, cheese, eggs, leeks, garlic, turnips, etc..

White Cuisine is a cooking with little colour as opposed to the colorful cuisine of the coast, where tomatoes, basil, olive groves are present everywhere.

In the medieval villages of this Valley, life was not easy and the cooking, was a mere survival cooking, made up of poor ingredients.

That day, we eat an entire meal and glimpse only flashes colour in a great agriturismo in one of the villeges of this valley, Mendatica village. The family which runs this restaurant is well known for its great recipes such as fried ravioli filled with cheese, little potatoes crepes, tender rabbit and much more!

Finally, after a good caffè, the nonna of this restaurant invited us to taste the “Arquibusa”, a great digestive made with a mountain herb, called arquibus.

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