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[nggallery id=1025]Liguria, Italy – One of the best part about a travel in Italy and in The Italian Riviera is the possibility to have an authentic experience, to be in contact with the local people, to learn more about their traditions, culture and customs and to have the chance to experience their local food traditions.

What’s better than dining in a ligurian family home where they will cook their original dishes? You become their guest in a italian home and you enjoy a real italian meal experience. You have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes made with local ingredients using recipes passed down from their grandmothers.

Imagine to enter a resident’s home and eat with local people. Imagine a dinner where the conversation smoothly flows from your travels, to the host’s daily life, to other issues. You have the chance to see the decor, the real genoese neighborhood, the italian hospitality. Then, you begin to realize you have much in common with your foreign counterparts and yet much is different as well.

What we do is to keep our local cuisine alive and share with people that we have never met before “la cucina genuina” of Liguria with fresh and good quality ingredients, family traditions and the warm of hospitality.

Our cooks are locals and chef who in true Italian style make you feel like part of the family and not as a tourist! Your hosts will invite you to their genoese home in the historical centre of Genoa and in a warm and friendly ambience, you’ll learn to prepare and cook some of the most famous local dishes. By the time you’ve finished cooking your table will be set and then you’ll dine together and enjoy the local cuisine and wine.

We invite Min 10 people / Max 12 people on weekends enjoying the opportunity to dine together, but also tpreparing and cooking some ligurian dishes together, such as pesto sauce made with mortar and pestle, walnut sauce and more.

We like the fact that this experience is off the main tourism track in Liguria and further being an opportunity to dine together, it is also an opportunity to make friends.

Dinners are booked months in advance, naturally, but you can also follow us on Beautiful Liguria twitter page “LiguriaBella” and Facebook, where we post last-minute cancellations and any updates, if you want to be in-the-know.

The menu will be decided on the day of the dinner. The ingredients will be chosen by what is in season and what looks best at the food market. Wine is included in the meal. Our wine selections are constantly changing based on season and what we are cooking.

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What does “Le Sciamadde” mean?

The Association is called “Le Sciamadde” just as the traditional small shops whose name in genoese dialect means “flames”. In these “botteghe” they used to cook a a selection of hot or cold food to take away or eat at the counter. They carry on the ligurian food traditions cooking fried calamari, fried baby octopus, sardines, shrimps, fried veggies, codfish dishes, potatoes. In the wood oven they cook vegetable pies, farinata, focaccia and more!

Le Sciamadde are an authentic symbol of the genoese gastronomic tradition and culture and just as these small stores do, we would like to keep our local cuisine alive and share with people that we have never met before these and more traditional dishes of “la cucina genuina” of Liguria with fresh and good quality ingredients, family traditions in addition to the warm of hospitality of a real genoese home.

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