Renzo Piano’s Biosphere, Genova

This reflection, of Genova, was captured while wandering in the city’s beautifully renovated harbour area. It was found on the side of a structure more properly known as a Biosphere however ‘Renzo Piano’s Bubble’ works just as well. The creator of this structure made of steel and glass, and suspended over the sea, is world famous Genovese architect, Renzo Piano.

In searching for more information about this remarkable man, I found a quote to love. In 1994, he was made the UNESCO ambassador for architecture and was quoted as saying, ‘When people ask me what the city of the future will look like, I tell them: I hope like the one of the past.‘ I hope so too.

However, being a photographer means that, rather than wandering inside this marvellous creation, I became fascinated by the exterior and the endless possibilities reflected there.

Later, people I showed the images to assumed I had photographed a painting … but no, it’s a mix of humidity and steam, glass and plants, a camera, the light, some imagination and a beautiful city.

Inside, you will find a small rain forest has been recreated, alive with birds, reptiles and butterflies. I must get beyond the exterior next time I’m in the city.

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