EXPO 2015: a great occasion to visit Cinque Terre and Liguria

EXPO 2015 will be held in Milan from May 21 to October 15 and is a fantastic occasion to organize your Italian vacation.

It will be a perfect showcase of the best of Made In Italy products and food will be at the center of all. Indeed the theme of  EXPO 2015 will be “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life”. But we think that a travel to Italy is always a travel into food and, after your busy days in Milan, may be you are looking for a special retreat where to relax and to continue to enjoy Italian authentic food and traditions, live.

You don’t need to go too far to find a place that suites your wishes: Liguria region has a perfect mix of nature, culture and authenticity, and it’s just 1,30h travel from the center of Milan!

Manarola in Cinque Terre
The colored village of Manarola in Cinque Terre

Liguria is the region where Cinque Terre are located: if you didn’t visit Cinque Terre yet, these amazing five lands must be on your travel wish list but, if you have already been there, you have the opportunity to discover the rest of Liguria Region, an hidden pearl among beautiful Italy destinations.

Liguria, also known as The Italian Riviera, is not an all-inclusive paradise tourist resort, it still maintains its authentic life and traditions. You have to take your time in the Italian Riviera to get in touch with the real soul of the territory. Liguria is a slow travel destination and it’s worth to be visited outside the conventional schemes, discovering beautiful places but also experiencing authentic traditions, culture and tastes and taking time to meet people and to hear their stories.


Genoa amazing town
Noble palaces in Genoa are protected by UNESCO

You can start your trip from Genoa that you can easily reach from Milan in 1.30 hour by train or by car. Genoa has the largest Medieval center in Europe and it’s an incredible multi-layered ancient port town. There you will find gorgeous, painted noble palaces protected by UNESCO beside traditional food shops where to taste special local street food as focaccia and farinata. Here you can’t miss trying to prepare the famous pesto sauce with mortar and pestle or exploring the “vertical city” with its funicular railways. Genoa is a surprise and you’ll fall in love with it!

2015 EXPO in Milan from May 21 to October 15
2015 EXPO in Milan from May 21 to October 15


The village of Portofino is immersed in a lush natural reserve

From Genoa you can reach Portofino in half an hour. Portofino it’s the VIP retreat that many of you know but it’s also immersed in a lush natural reserve. It’s fantastic to take walks and you will enjoy gorgeous views on the village and the Mediterranean sea. Continuing your food centered EXPO experience, here you can discover Mediterranen aromatic herbs, and learn how to use them to prepare traditional local recipes such as the Pansotti filled pasta.


Coastal path in Cinque Terre
Amazing coastal path in Cinque Terre

Finally, going East, you’ll arrive in Cinque Terre. There’s no need to describe the beauty of these places: five small colored fishing villages carved out of the rocky hillsides above the Mediterranean Sea. Connected only by paths, boats or trains, these lands haven’t changed their traditional architecture and are as they were in past times.

To enjoy this beautiful, wild scenery we suggest you to hike on the many coastal path or to visit the villages with the boat of a local fisherman. And don’t miss to taste local “heroic wine” on a typical terraced vineyard.

Both if you are an Italian food lover or an active person or if you are looking for art and traditions, Liguria is a perfect destination for you,  especially for people looking for an authentic trip where to relax and to enjoy experiences out of the beaten path.

If you like to travel Liguria like a local, discovering secret corners and authentic experiences, get inspired now.


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