Liguria: Sestri Levante and its Fairy Tales Bay

If you have followed BeautifuLiguria blog since today, you have certainly read about Sestri Levante town on the Italian Riviera and its two bays “Baia del Silenzio” (Bay of Silence) and “Baia delle Favole” (Bay of Fairy Tales).

In fact, in the following post I’ve told you about the marvellous Bay of Silence.

The Fairy Tales Bay in Sestri Levante village, Liguria

Today, I’d like to talk about the other bay of this charming town, the “Bay of Fairy Tales”, which has been named in honor of the danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen, who lived in this town for a short time in 1833.

The story says that during a sea storm Andersen decided to stop and spend a night in Sestri Levante town. The bay immediately enchanted him and he renamed this bay as “Baia delle Favole” (literally “Bay of Fairy Tales”), a lucky name which has made this small town famous.

In fact, since 1967 the Hans Christian Andersen Prize takes place here and it is dedicated to the Fairy Tales (to children’s literature and unpublished fables). It is an important and prestigious price recognized both in Italy and at international level.

Sestri Levante – Walking along paths known just by local people.

Sestri Levante: a great destination for a luxury Italian holiday

Sestri Levante and all the Tigullio Gulf is among my favorite destinations in Liguria.

I think it is perfect for many reasons: here you can really enjoy from outdoor activities to walks among the alleys of the fishing villages discovering the history, the traditional workshops, meeting artisans and local people.

Sestri Levante for me means also enjoying secret and unexploited corners and getting away from the mass tourist crowds. All the Tigullio Gulf with its villages is a strategic point for those wishing to visit the famous Cinque Terre or the nearest Portofino and Genoa historical town.

Least, but not last in Sestri Levante there are great restaurants where I love to take my friends when they want to eat as the local people do.

H. C. Andersn wrote in 1883 about Sestri Levante and its bay:

“What a fairy-tale evening did I spend in Sestri Levante!
The inn was very close to the sea, and a strong undertow lapped against it;
clouds in the sky were crimson red and the mountains were sparkling in the brightest colours.
The trees themselves were like gigantic fruit baskets, full of rich bunches of grapes.”

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