Cycling in the Italian Riviera

Freedom, nature, slow travel, beauty.

These are the keywords that identify a cycling trip in the Italian Riviera

For some reason cycling trips in the Italian Riviera are not very common but we are sure they will get more and more popular with time. 

We believe that cycling is a great way to savor the many different beauties of Liguria, so follow us while we virtually guide you through this wonderful experience.

Then, if you are intrigued, why not joining this trip, that will take you cycling from Portofino to Cinque Terre?

Biking Italian Riviera

There are countless reasons why exploring the Italian Riviera by bike is an experience not to be missed.

Close your eyes and imagine: you can move around in an almost complete silence, with a gentle breeze infused with healthy sea spray on your skin as you nourish your soul with beautiful scenery.

Speaking of scenery, cycling will take you to off the beaten path places with different from the usual panoramas – without neglecting the famous ones of course – thanks to our local and experienced guides that always know where the best-hidden gems are. 

We are big fans of slow travel and we believe that a cycling trip in the Italian Riviera must be contemplative and not rushed.

The most active travellers will choose a mountain bike while less experienced bikers can pick an e-bike, to make pedaling easier and the experience more enjoyable overall.

This kind of cycling trip, the way we mean it, is a new way to enjoy the Italian Riviera and really is for everyone!

Privately or in a small group – as you prefer – you will be led by a dedicated local guide and you will get to see the most picturesque villages of the area such as Portofino, Camogli, Cinque Terre in-depth, as well as some less known places in the wild Ligurian hinterland.

Liguria is definitely a colorful region.

Biking Liguria

Throughout the itinerary you will always be accompanied by the green of our lush vegetation and by the many shades of blue of the Ligurian Sea; nestled in these predominant colors you will find villages with typical houses of different pastel colors.

Have you heard about the Via Aurelia?

This is an ancient road that dates back to Roman times and goes all the way from the French Riviera to Rome.

Cycling in the Italian Riviera you will have the chance of travelling this historical path that connects all of the main villages in the area.

And not only that: the many wonders of Portofino Natural Park can best be enjoyed on its unique trails, between woods and sudden glimpses of the sea from above. 

Needless to say, pedaling in the Cinque Terre area will allow you to discover roads and trails on top of the hills, where the views are simply breathtaking. 

We can’t spoil the many other surprises that await you on a cycling trip in the Italian Riviera with us, but let’s just say that another highlight of our itinerary is the wild hinterland of the Italian Riviera, its hidden lakes and a population of wild horses.

Giacopiane Lake Liguria hidden gem

If this doesn’t inspire you, then we don’t know what will! 

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