Italian Riviera: how to live a luxury holiday

Let’s start to speak about BeautifuLiguria concept of luxury, before going on with the post and revealing how you can live a luxury holiday in the territory where we live every day.

We would like to point out that when we speak about luxury travel in the Italian Riviera, we’re talking more about the experience, rather than just the appearance.

We’re talking about meeting people, living untouched places and experiences that represent all that is authentic and exclusive about a destination.

Camogli Harbour - Photo by Giulia Cimarosti

For us, luxury travel does not mean having a marble bath-tub in the room of our hotel or going to a Michelin stars restaurant.

For us it’s all about immersing in the local culture, meeting local people, staying in a charming accommodation (not a cramped hotel with conventional interiors and impersonal services), and have time to enjoy the beauties, the activities offered by the destination we chose for our holiday!

But let’s go on, today we would like to give you some suggestions on how to live a luxury holiday in the Italian Riviera.

Meet local artisans and producers

In Liguria, you can still meet people which still do ancient jobs following an age-old tradition that has been passed down for generations.

Chairs Chiavarine Italian Riviera

We suggest to enter their workshops and have a look at these passionate craftsmen who carry on an old Italian tradition.

Take a walk among the terraced vineyards in Cinque Terre, hard-worked by local people since ancient times, and enter the cellars of a local producer to hear his family story tasting great wines.

Enjoy the beauty of Portofino from a different perspective

What about a relaxing paddling day in the dramatic gulf of Portofino where you can admire its caverns and hidden creeks or dive in its blue-green waters?!

Kayak in Portofino

This is one of our favorites, especially when it’s followed by an aperitif welcomed in the garden of some local producers.

Take a walk back in the time in Genoa medieval center

Genoa historical center welcomes ultra-centenarian boutique and food shops that are still preserved as they were in very ancient times.

Food Tour in Genoa

Wandering among its alleys discovering them and enjoying the authenticity of this destination is certainly one of the things we suggest to experience when in Liguria!

These are just some of the things we suggest to do to anyone searching for a luxury experiential travel in the Italian Riviera.

There are plenty of things to experience and to see.

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