Sacripantina cake and the italian romantic epic “Orlando Furioso”

Sacripantina, a dessert of well-rooted genoese tradition was born from the imagination of the Preti family and from the inspiration of the character Sacripante in the italian romantic epic Orlando Furioso (“The Frenzy of Orlando” or more literally “Mad Orlando”) by Ludovico Ariosto.

Sacripante (Sacripant) is a King and a leading Saracen knights, who is tormented by his love for Angelica (the most beautiful woman any of the Peers have ever seen, and all want her) and fights to defend her when she is besieged in the fortress of Albracca. In this epic, Sacripante offers to become the wandering Angelica’s protector but she evades him.

Inspired by this romantic epic, Giovanni Preti created in 1851 a dessert in his pastry shop located in the heart of Genoa and decided to name it in honor of Sacripante character.

Sacripante is in fact one of the characters who finds his culinary cast in this cake, with its robust build and its boastful personality, as gluttony-inducing as it is substantial.

This cake is simple and extraordinary tasty and popular for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, communions, baptisms, and more.

Taste this cake that hides layers of sponge cake (the italian “pan di spagna”) soaked in liqueur, coffee, cocoa and butter cream in the many pastry shops of Liguria. You’ll be touched by its taste!

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