An Evocative Corner in Genoa’s Medieval Town – Campopisano

[nggallery id=24]I think this is one of Genoa’s most beautiful little squares, but not very known from travelers. It is a silent and colourful square decorated with characteristic black and white pebbles from the sea, and I think it worth a visit!

The local artist Armando Porta, in 1992, made a special work of art with the pebbles in this square, he made a mosaic representing an old genoese vessel.

It is one of the most evocative places in the medieval town of Genoa, it’s a corner of peace and quiet in which to enjoy one of Genoa’s most characteristic settings, surrounded by the multicolored houses typically of my region.

But…there’s a story which tells the reason this square was named Campopisano! In fact, the name dates back to 1284, when the Genoese won the battle of Meloria and more than 9,000 pisan prisones where taken from the city of Pisa and confined in this square. The story says that these people died quickly and they were buried in this square.

In the 15th century a decree was issued that no further building could be done on this site and that it should be declared a cemetery. Nowadays, this place has been transformed into one of the most beautiful places in Genoa. There is also a nice looking restaurant and small theatre.

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