4 best places to see around Genoa Italy

Genoa has Europe’s largest historical center which is authentic in every detail.

Walking there is always surprising for me! Around the corners of its labyrinth of alleys, there are hidden gems that leave me speechless.

We always suggest to our friends who plan their Italian holidays to spend some nights in this city to have the chance to understand its soul.

You can comprehend why Wagner was attracted by this town and insisted that Paris and London “pale by comparison”.

Genoa has a great position

Then, Genoa has a great position for some day trips out of the city, with plenty of attractions worth seeing. Local people during the weekend love to get around Genoa and relax.

The places where they love to get are very easy to reach. Here are the best.

Boccadasse – A Fishing village in the city not to be missed!

We consider this village as a little taste of Cinque Terre in Genoa. This hidden gem is one of our favorite places around the city.

Just a 15 minutes drive from Genoa historical center or about 1 hour walk, this tiny romantic village must definitely be on your list.

Boccadasse near Genoa

When you get there explore the narrow alleys; sit on the shore looking at the fishermen working at their nets after a fishing day; taste a gelato in the historical gelateria located close to the beach; enjoy the fish dishes at the restaurant and in the evening watch the sunset dipping into the sea, but do not forget to roll up your pants and the step in the water.

You’ll fall in love with this place!

Portofino – A colorful bay in the Italian Riviera

Oh yes… everyone knows the famous Portofino and we know that many of you plan their holiday to Italy including this village on their “places to see” list.

But, we bet some of you search also for a non-touristy Portofino to add to their list of destinations to visit in Italy.

That’s possible!

Portofino Liguria

In fact, among our experiences we have created, together with our insiders, some tours such as the Hiking gourmet in Portofino which explore this area of the Italian Riviera more intimately and deeper.

We think Portofino has to be discovered more intimately.

Nervi – The amazing promenade on the sea!

A romantic picturesque seaside village close to Genoa, it was a popular destination among Europeans and Russian intellectuals in the 20th century for its mild climate.

When our friends come to visit us, we always suggest them to take a walk along Nervi amazing promenade on the sea “Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi”.

Nervi Promenade Genoa

One of our favorite places in the Italian Riviera.

Built into the rock, the promenade drops dramatically into the sea.

The view of the Mediterranean sea is unique and romantic.

From the passeggiata it’s easy to get to the Parchi di Nervi (urban parks).

Ending the day relaxing in this historical urban park rich in luscious vegetation is a must!

Camogli – A picturesque colored village near Portofino

Less than an hour’s drive from Genoa, Camogli village is a summer retreat for Italian families who love to spend their holidays in this colored village away from the crowds.

Camogli Village Liguria

Set between Portofino Mountain and the bright blue Ligurian sea, this stunning small town with multi-colored houses, a picturesque harbor, lovely restaurants where to eat and a fortress at the top of a rocky promontory, deserves attention from any traveler visiting the Italian Riviera.

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