5 Best Places Where to Eat Focaccia in Genoa

Focaccia is one of the most famous street food known and eaten in Genoa and local people take it seriously when it comes to this traditional specialty.

If you ask a Genoese how a good piece of focaccia must be, he will for sure say that the best focaccia has to be golden and crispy, greasy and high up to a finger.

That’s the perfect focaccia.

Focaccia Italian Riviera

In Genoa focaccia is already eaten from the morning.

Local people like to dunk their piece of focaccia, in their cup of cappuccino as a substitute for classic biscuits.

In fact, if you go around Genoa’s bars to have breakfast, you will notice that nearby the classic brioches there is also the focaccia.

Focaccia and Cappuccino

In the afternoon focaccia is eaten as an appetizer and for dinner it is a great substitute for bread.

It’s a sort of symbol that characterizes Genoese people and their lifestyle.

The typical focaccia is usually found in bakeries “panificio” and we have selected for you the best places where you can eat a good piece of focaccia.

So, if you are planning a trip to the Italian Riviera and visiting Genova we suggest adding our “best places where to eat focaccia” list to your things to do once you are in our historical town. We are sure you are going to appreciate it.

Let’s see which are the best Places Where to Eat Focaccia in Genoa:

1. “Panificio Claretta”

A small bakery family managed immersed in Genoa historical center (Via della Posta Vecchia).

The focaccia here is very particular.

It is crispy at the right point and very tasty for the salt that they put on the top.

2. “Panificio Mario”

A famous bakery known among local people in Genoa (Via San Vincenzo).

Focaccia here is golden, thin and crispy. You need to try it.

In this bakery, you can also find other typical products, such as cheese focaccia, focaccia with olives, with tomatoes, with onions and more!

3. “Antico Forno della Casana”

A lovely and renovated bakery in Genoa historical center (Vico Casana).

Focaccia here is well cooked, crispy, golden and soft at the right point.

Once you enter this bakery do not forget to try also the typical Genoese vegetable pies.

4. “Priano Bakery”

A famous and historic bakery at 15 minutes from Genoa historical center (Via Camozzini, Voltri).

Here focaccia is a little bit different from the classic ones.

In fact, the surface of focaccia is sprinkled with maize flour which gives a particular and great taste not to be missed.

A different focaccia in Genoa

5. “Panificio Patrone”

A great bakery in Genoa historical town (Via Ravecca) where you can find a greasy, crispy and golden focaccia which is also soft.

The bakery has also other typical and great specialties not to be missed!

Now, it’s up to you. Let us know which is your favorite one!

And if you want to learn to prepare focaccia from a local expert, don’t miss a Focaccia and Cheese Focaccia Lesson.

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