Sustainable Travel Activities on the Italian Riviera

Are you looking for a sustainable travel destination in Italy?

The Italian Riviera is a fantastic option and at BeautifuLiguria we are always more than happy to help travelers in their quest to explore the region as a local.

To us, sustainability is not only about actions that take place in nature and do not pollute, it is also about choosing activities with small producers and artisans, a choice that supports the local livelihoods and heritage, enhancing the excellence of the territory.

As local insiders, we value connections and work with a handpicked selection of high-quality producers and partners.

So, what are some examples of our sustainable experiences that support the small communities in Liguria?

Wine, Olive Oil and…

In Portofino you can visit an authentic farm where you will be welcomed by the family that has been producing quality olive oil for decades, strictly abiding by the traditional methods after recovering abandoned lands.

Farm in Portofino

Don’t miss the marvelous opportunity to explore the olive groves, taste Liguria’s golden oil, learn more about its history and all the challenges involved in producing this product while respecting the earth.

What about lunch in a historic mill?

It’s the perfect stop along the hiking trail from Santa Margherita to Portofino. Soak into Mediterranean vegetation and taste local specialties made with 0Km products among which the only beer made in Portofino.

Winemaking has never been an easy business in the area of Cinque Terre.

There is no better place where to see and understand what heroic winemaking is.

Wineyoards Liguria Cinque Terre

At BeautifuLiguria we collaborate with passionate winegrowers that produce organic or biodynamic wines, whether in Cinque Terre or in the neighboring areas of Lunigiana or Framura.

Looking for something different and unusual to taste?

The West Riviera is home to the rare and precious Chinotto, a bitter orange with a long history.

Visit a local citrus plantation protected by the Slow Food Presidia: meet the producer, learn about this little-known aspect of Liguria and taste the fruit as well as the jams, candies and liqueurs that are prepared with the chinotto following ancient recipes.

Chinotto Trees

Local Artisans

Another enriching and sustainable activity that we love is to visit art and craft workshops, where Liguria’s artisans continue to work with their hands and creativity using traditional techniques that were handed down from generation to generation.

Artisans in Liguria

Some of the most interesting and authentic artisan labs are in Chiavari, a charming village off the beaten path.

Sustainability also means avoiding overtourism by favoring lesser-known places that are just as beautiful.

For example, instead of hiking in the Cinque Terre, which are subject to heavy flows of tourism, you can hike in amazing places such as the Nature Park of Portofino and the wild Palmaria Island.

Liguria is full of little gems that have not been reached by mass tourism, where you can stroll along the ancient caruggi and admire the picturesque houses, such as Sestri Levante and Camogli – just to mention a few.

We end our sustainable journey in Liguria with some eco-friendly activities.

Hiking and Biking

Hiking is one of the most popular ones: walking in the middle of the lush nature, the olive groves, the vineyards and colorful historic villages is quite an experience!

Hiking in Liguria Italian Riviera

Another way to travel around the Italian Riviera without an environmental impact is to bike.

You will find many cycling trails with different levels of difficulty, and if mountain biking is too challenging you can always opt for an e-bike!

But you can also admire all this beauty from the sea, opting for a traditional sailboat such as the Leudo.

Do you need any help in planning your sustainable vacation on the Italian Riviera?

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