6 Best Gardens to visit and love in Liguria

The whole of Italy, from North to South, preserves spectacular gardens but the gardens we have in Liguria are really special because they overlook the sea.

They are true excellences of the Ligurian territory that extend from the Riviera di Levante to Riviera di Ponente and offer unique emotions.

Strolling through the greenery and colors of the gardens of Liguria, you will immerse yourself in a precious and rare atmosphere that you can only live here.

You will let your eyes wander from the blue of the sea to the green of the olive groves, the pine forests and along the unmistakable Mediterranean scrubland and you will breathe all the charm of historical-cultural and naturalistic-botanical itineraries that unfold among romantic landscapes dotted with lush vegetation and artistic and architectural testimonies.

Today we take you to discover our 6 best and favorite gardens, those that enchant the eyes and surprise with their unmistakable characteristics.

Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

Park of Villa Pallavicini in Genoa - Credit

Do you love mystery and esoteric places make you go crazy?

Then you can’t miss a visit to the evocative scenic – esoteric Park of Villa Pallavicini in Genoa Pegli, easily reachable from the train station or by ferry from the center of Genoa.

The visit lasts about two and a half hours, winds on 8 hectares of hill and is structured on a theatrical tale with esoteric – Masonic nuances that make the visit truly unique and unavailable elsewhere.

During your walk in this park you will fill your eyes with wonder as you pass waterfalls, lakes, streams, furnishings, rare plants, garden buildings and the oldest Italian collection of camellias (with centenarian specimens) that every spring gives a spectacular flowering.

We particularly like this park because it is a real “magical place” where we can meet artistic scenes of great value as well as a collection of exotic palms, the centuries-old auricaria and cork and the monumental camphor flanked by the cedar of Lebanon. In short, an original experience not to be missed for all of us who love art, mystery and rare botanical species.

The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday at times that vary depending on the season.

Villa della Pergola

Gardens of Villa Pergola - Credit

Do you love the romantic atmosphere and the richness of the exotic and evergreen Mediterranean flora?

The destination for you are the Gardens of Villa Pergola, one of the “wonders of the Riviera” as William Scott called them, in the beautiful setting of Alassio (Riviera di Ponente).

The visit lasts about an hour and a half and winds between the richness of the Mediterranean flora and a breathtaking view overlooking the sea.

Here you can let yourself be enchanted and thrilled along paths dotted with pine trees, olive trees, a surprising collection of citrus fruits, oleanders, jasmine, almond, cypress, holm oak and other splendid botanical varieties in a blaze of scents and colors.

At the Gardens of Villa Pergola we like to let ourselves be surprised by the colorful and perfumed collection of wisteria (with more than 32 varieties) and by that of agaphantus which is unique in Europe for number and variety with over 400 species and which recalls the color of the waves of the sea ​​thanks to the shades of blue, light blue and white.

The Gardens are open from March to October on Saturdays and Sundays. Admission is regulated by guided tours by appointment.

Villa Durazzo

Villa Durazzo in Santa Margherita Ligure

Can you imagine a seventeenth-century villa from which the view extends over a magnificent Italian-style garden and then gets lost in the blue of the Gulf of Portofino?

All this is reality at Villa Durazzo, in the heart of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Here we get lost walking leisurely along the three hectares of the historic Romantic Park divided into three main parts: the Agrumeto, which observes the sea with lemon trees, orange trees and grapefruits; the “Italian Garden“, characterized by the geometric lines of the boxwood and myrtle hedges and by numerous plants of Cycas and by different varieties of nineteenth-century camellias of rare beauty; the romantic English forest, embellished with numerous species of exotic plants, cobbled paths, statues and planters.

We in this picturesque park love to admire the Secret Garden of the Centurion Princes which preserves the romantic atmosphere of the nineteenth century, the splendid French rose garden and, of course, the splendid view of the Gulf of Tigullio.

The Park is 500 meters from the small port of Santa Margherita and is open every day both in summer and in winter.

La Cervara

La Cervara, on the Portofino promontory - Credit

Have you ever seen a garden overlooking the sea in your imagination?

It is not fantasy, it is reality in La Cervara.

On the Portofino promontory, between the green and the scent of the Mediterranean scrubland, here is the enchanting Italian garden that directly overlooks the sea and resembles a corner of earthly paradise.

Here you can still admire the ancient monastery, founded in the fourteenth century, surrounded by flowery avenues, with plants leaning against the walls and ancient pergolas of the vineyards.

Do not miss the sight of centuries-old wisteria and, in the Giardino dei Semplici, the fragrant aromatic herbs alternated with a collection of rare potted citrus fruits.

We particularly like La Cervara because it is a splendid garden suspended between land and sea, a treasure trove of art and nature that cannot be found elsewhere. What about having an exclusive aperitif in the spectacular garden?

Villa Serra di Comago

Villa Serra di Comago, in the Riviera di Levante - Credit

Do you think it is possible to admire a “little corner of England” in Liguria?

Yes, it is: in Villa Serra di Comago, in the Riviera di Levante, in the province of Genoa, in the municipality of Sant’Olcese.

The splendid English park winds around three vast meadows connected by large clearings embraced by evergreen vegetation.

Relax near the pond, in front of the Tudor building, with a long peninsula in the middle and numerous ducks, swans, peacocks and turtles.

For us the park Villa Serra di Comago surprises for the largest public collection of Hydrangee (hydrangeas) with about 2000 plants for over 260 varieties, both historical and cultivar, with blooms from the end of May until October. A unique show.

The park offers a natural and suggestive landscape where you can be enchanted, relax and live authentic experiences.

Giardini Botanici Hanbury

Hanbury Gardens Liguria

How do you think gardens can be born of a dream?

To check for yourself you must visit the spectacular Botanical Gardens of Villa Hanbury, in the picturesque Riviera dei Fiori, in Ventimiglia on the border with the French Riviera.

The gardens born from the dream of Thomas Hanbury in 1867, extend over an area of ​​about 18 hectares and host 5800 species of ornamental, medicinal and fruit plants in a unique landscape thanks to the happy compositional harmony between buildings, ornamental elements and cultivated terraces.

Here you can admire important collections of succulent plants, roses, bamboo, acacias, citrus fruits and elegant architectural elements such as small temples, fountains, statues and mausoleums. For us, it is wonderful to let your gaze wander between the blue of the sea below and the green of the park.

The gardens are open all day at times that vary depending on the season. From November 1st to the end of February they remain closed on Mondays.

Visiting the gardens and parks of Liguria is a unique way to discover the beauty of this region and immerse yourself in a refined atmosphere with surprising aromas and colors.

An authentic experience that if you love gardens and the view of the sea you should definitely try.

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