A little post for a little jewel in Genoa, Italy: Boccadasse

Today, we want to tell you about a small fishing village located inside the city of Genoa.

This village which is very dear to us has old but colorful fishing houses and it is considered a taste of Cinque Terre in Genoa.

This small village is named Boccadasse and it’s a unique place in which you can relax for a few hours far from the old town of Genoa. It is a village beloved by local people: they reach it from the city center in a few minutes by car or bus and relax there having a walk, tasting a gelato, an aperitif, or having dinner in one of the little restaurants that you can find in the small alleys.

Boccadasse, fishing village near Genoa

You can also taste some local great street food for example at the new “Sciamadda” of Roberto Panizza, one of our friends and the founder of the “World Pesto Championship”.

Have a look at our interview on this video!

This is a 100th years old fishing village with a little beach. It is a little gem and what we like most is that when you arrive there, it gives you the impression to be living in a postcard where time seems to stop.

Some times when the sky is clear, from this small village you can even see the faraway promontory of Portofino.

You can arrive in the village of Boccadasse by walking along the beautiful coastal promenade of “Corso Italia“.

This old village is also the main destination for couples that exchange their promises of eternal love, and of parents who’ll take their children to play on its beach.

Furthermore, from this same village, you can go for a relaxing walk that takes you toward the “Capo di Santa Chiara” from where you can admire the ancient villas and the eclectic style of the Turke castle, together with its unique breathtaking view on the sea.

Boccadasse in the night

And if one day you’ll ever decide to visit this small seaside village, we’re positively sure that you’ll not be able to easily forget this very old and enchanting place.

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