Traditional Italian food: 5 things to Taste in the Italian Riviera

Let’s find some of the best traditional italian food: the Italian Riviera has probably one of the most varied cuisines of Italy.

The warm of Mediterranean air creates good conditions for growing olives, vegetables, herbs (especially basil), wine grapes, etc…

In the Liguria cuisine you can also find many fish recipes. Meat and cheeses are also used.

Pesto, first of all

Pesto is the king of Ligurian cuisine as it is found all along the territory.

Genova is considered the birthplace of pesto.

We love this green sauce, especially with gnocchi, trofie or trenette pasta.

Remember, the traditional Genoese Pesto Sauce is made with mortar and pestle and with specific ingredients as it is a D.O.P. product.

pesto cooking lesson

Crispy Focaccia and Focaccia di Recco

Focaccia is one of the most eaten street food among genoese people.

We love to eat it from the morning with our cappuccino, have it as appetizer in the afternoon and as bread for dinner.

The perfect focaccia must be golden and crispy, greasy and high up to a finger.

Where to eat it? Have a look here for the “Best places where to eat focaccia in Genova”.

Focaccia with cheese from Recco is a true gastronomic experience and really appreciated among locals and tourists.

Made it with stracchino it is a very old recipe that is appreciated worldwide.

Italian cheese Focaccia Recco

Farinata: tasty, simple food

A simple and poor dish, farinata is a delicious dish made with chickpea flour, water, olive oil and salt.

In Genova you can taste the typical “yellow” farinata made with chickpea, while in Savona you can find the “white” version, made with wheat flour.

A must not to be missed.

The traditional farinata is crisp and golden on the top, soft and moist inside and glistening with fragrant olive oil on the bottom.

Found it in the friggitorie, it can also be consumed at the restaurant.

Farinata Liguria

A delicious vegetable pie: Torta Pasqualina

Torta Pasqualina: although many people eat this dish all year round, it starts as an Easter tradition.

This delicious vegetable pie made with chards should have 33 layers in the crust, each one is for a year of Christ’s life.

You can find it in the bakeries and restaurants.

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