Cheese Focaccia – Focaccia al formaggio di Recco

Today we would like to purpose to you one of the most famous ligurian dishes, the Cheese Focaccia of Recco“Focaccia al formaggio di Recco”.

The town of Recco, in the Riviera di Levante, is famous for this gastronomic dish and every year the city houses the festival dedicated to this deliciousness.

Italian cheese Focaccia Recco

Cheese Focaccia Recipe


  • Kg. 1 flour
  • dl. 1 olive oil
  • dl. 5 of water
  • kg. 2 of crescenza (cheese)
  • salt


Take a dough mixing the flour and water and roll out two thin layers.

How to make Focaccia di Recco

Place one of the layers in a baking tray greased with oil and dot with the cheese chopped into small pieces and cover with the other layer.

Then, perforate the surface with a fork to allow the steam to escape.

Close the edges using a roller, sprinkle with oil and then with a pinch of salt.

Italian cheese Focaccia recipe

Finally, cook in a hot oven till the focaccia becomes brown and serve immediately.

If you want to learn the secrets of a perfect focaccia al formaggio, you have to try our Focaccia al Formaggio cooking Lesson in Genoa.

Buon Appetito!

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