Why is Liguria the best destination for a multigenerational trip in Italy?

After months of lockdowns and travel limitations, many feel the great desire to reconnect with their loved ones.

A multigenerational family vacation is a wonderful way to gather children, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, brothers and sisters — and to spend some quality time together!

If you are looking for a great destination for a multigenerational trip in Italy, we think that Liguria, aka the Italian Riviera, is simply perfect. Here is why.

Multigenerational Trip in Liguria

Being able to balance the needs of all – from the youngest to the eldest – is often the biggest challenge in planning an extended family trip. Liguria offers a bit of everything, for all tastes and ages! 

Located in north-western Italy, Liguria shares borders with Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, and the French Riviera.

Thanks to its long and thin shape, in Liguria you can find the sea and the mountains at a short distance away from each other.

And in these beautiful natural settings you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Examples include hiking and biking in the Natural Parks of Portofino and Cinque Terre.

While most assume that these activities are only recommended for the younger members of the family, there are also options for the older ones: e-bikes will do all the hard work when cycling up and down the hills, and expert local guides know all the easy access walking routes.

Sailing along the Italian Riviera is one of the most amazing and unique experiences that a family can enjoy together!

Imagine you and your loved ones on a modern yacht or on a traditional wood boat called Leudo, enjoying a delicious lunch with fresh fish on board, stopping near hidden coves for a refreshing swim, admiring the wild and colorful coastline away from the crowds…

Tellaro Sailing Leudo

And for the more active family members, kayaking is another wonderful option in Liguria’s intense blue sea!

Liguria also offers great attractions for art, history and culture lovers.

As the largest medieval old town in Europe, Genoa offers a maze of authentic “Carrugi” alleys, but also elegant renaissance buildings that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will leave you speechless.

Hidden gems like the villages of Apricale and Dolceacqua (towards the French border) or the Cervara Abbey (near Portofino), allow you and your family to travel back in time and to learn curiosities that range from painter Monet to the crypt of the Saracen tower… stories that are fascinating for children and grandparents alike!

There are therefore countless activities that can be combined every day during your multigenerational trip in Liguria. And thanks to the territory’s form and the short distances between the destinations, you can combine different activities in the same day.

While some family members relax on the beach or by the pool of their boutique hotel, others are hiking or kayaking, and others still are enjoying a food tour or a cooking lesson

Relax in the Italian Riviera Hotel

And why not share all of your experiences at dinner, while tasting fine local wines and Liguria’s healthy and genuine cuisine? 

Another big challenge in organizing a multigenerational family vacation is to travel without hassles.

In fact – from booking tours and activities, to choosing authentic restaurants, to moving with private transfers or with local transport – you want to have peace of mind and to avoid tourist traps.

We at BeautifuLiguria know every corner of the Italian Riviera, from the most genuine, rustic farmhouse to the most glamorous experience. We are devoted to making your family travel deeper and in a seamless way, assisting you in every step of the journey.

And what about the accommodation?

In our selection of handpicked authentic venues, you will feel at home away from home… nothing compares to having the entire family together in a cozy environment, tastefully decorated in an Italian style!

We understand that you may be undecided on whether to start planning your trip now or not.

It’s important to travel safe and to do it when you feel ready, but we have good news: thanks to our super flexible cancellation policy, you can easily take advantage of this moment to plan your Italian holidays without risking anything!

What better way to cheer up the whole family than to have a trip to look forward to?

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