Sometimes, we like to walk through the many paths here in Liguria, admiring breathtaking views and immersing in nature.

Today we would like to share with you some thoughts along a great walk that we did and that goes from San Rocco di Camogli to San Fruttuoso.

The walk winds through the Park of Portofino.

The first part of this trail is accessible to everyone, but then the path divides and there are two options to get to San Fruttuoso:

  • the coastal trail via the Batterie with its World War II bunkers which has great views but is harder and recommended for expert hikers. It includes a section where you have to use chains, because some areas are exposed, and in addition, there are several changes in altitude. This trail is supposed to take 2.5 hours from San Rocco.
  • the easier inland trail through Pietre Strette and easier to follow. It’s supposed to take two hours from San Rocco. The path takes you through chestnut, olive groves, and pine forest till arriving in San Fruttuoso Bay.

That day we decided to take the coastal trail. The walk along this path has surprised us for the different panoramic views over the seaside and the coastline.

In fact, from here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the western Riviera (Riviera di Ponente), on beautiful days, as far as the highest peaks of the Maritime and Cottian Alps.

Furthermore, the route is surrounded by the Mediterranean flora and its scent, by its flowers and you can admire glimpses on the silent bays as Cala Dell’ Oro, the rugged coastline, the famous rock of Punta Chiappa (a diving point for divers), the Doria Tower, the cliffs overlooking the blue sea, the typical Ligurian terraces and the military buildings (bunkers).

Punta Chiappa

The long path becomes easier once you are arriving in the San Fruttuoso village.

Here you find lower vegetation and you can already admire the monuments and the green water of San Fruttuoso Bay.

That day, we completed our day tour visiting the San Fruttuoso Abbey and the whole little village.

San Fruttuoso Abbey

Then, late in the afternoon we took the boat and went back to Camogli (and to San Rocco by bus).

The boat is recommended to those going back to Camogli, Santa Margherita, Recco, Portofino.

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